New HALF19 2U Rugged Server series is half the size and twice as powerful

Our new HALF19 is a new family of 2U servers with a 3d generation Intel® Xeon® Scalable processor provides a high performance platform supporting modern IT software such as VMware and at the same time meets the requirements on a military rugged IT-platform being used in the field. It meets and delivers long life for space constrained, harsh environments without compromising on performance or flexibility.


Why we developed the HALF19

This family of products, HALF19 Rugged servers, is the first of many that further enhances our offering of premium quality components and systems for the defense technology and aerospace markets, at competitive prices and best-in-class service excellence.

What makes the HALF19 better

HALF19 is a family of rugged servers and workstations with an aluminum construction, designed for applications that require robust and qualified MIL-GRADE equipment, suitable for operations in harsh environments.

Durability, reliability, and security are three key characteristics that every worthwhile, stress-tested rugged server should have. After all, you want your particular application, whether military, industrial, or commercial, to be as consistent, stable, and low-maintenance as possible.

Our ruggedized HALF19 servers are stress-tested to the extreme in order to ensure that your commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) or custom server is able to withstand even the harshest of conditions on land, in air, and at sea.

What the HALF19 means for you

Our new HALF19 2U Rugged Server is half the size and twice as powerful.

  • Outstanding support for modern software i.e. VMware
  • Best in class support and warranty
  • It can work in up to (65degrees C)
  • High Performance
  • It’s narrower and shorter than standard servers. (450mm)
  • An aluminum construction design makes for a lightweight product
  • Our server is DC or AC powered
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Read our data sheet

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